Samuel Ch Zernig

Live Dates

24.07.2017 Ten Bells

30.07.2017 Big Nose Comedy

20.08.2017 Hail Zernig! – World Premier Performance at The Water Rats

15.09.2017 Hail Zernig! abridged – Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion at Brown Green

03.10.2017 Hail Zernig! abridged- Headliner BCOM Brighton

13.11.2017 Hail Zernig! abridged- Alleycat

16.11.2017 Hail Zernig! abridged- Under The Dove Brigthon

27.11.2017 Hail Zernig! abridged-10 mins at Cafe Mode Covent Garden

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Currently touring with The Germanator